Diatomite (DE) is the skeletal remains of microscopic organisms called diatoms. Because of their unique structure, DE becomes a multi-functional mineral additive that can enhance the performance of paint or coatings, and plastic film.

Paint & Coatings

In paint and coating application, DE is mainly used in high-quality interior and exterior formulation, serves as a multi-functional mineral additive and has the following functions/advantages:

  • Regulates humidity by absorbing / releasing moisture
  • Controls glossiness and matte effect
  • Improves opacity of coating films which reduces the usage of expensive opacifier
  • Controls solvent release and absorb smell to improve air quality
  • Helps controlling viscosity and stability due to good dispersibility
  • Improves cracking resistance
  • Provides consistent “touch-up” performance
  • Uses as bulking agent to reduce the total usage of raw materials due to its low density



In plastic film application, DE serves as a function filler provides the following functions/advantages:

  • Exceptional anti-blocking performance
  • Similar refractive index to resin system leading to high clarity and reducing hazing
  • Improves tensile strength and impact properties of the film
  • Highly inert, and would not react with other additives