Fineton Group was established back in 1994, and our headquarter is located in Hong Kong. The headquarter is also the operations hub to direct our factories in China and Vietnam, and to fulfill orders placed by our customers.

In 2003, we established Fineton Industrial Minerals Limited based in Hong Kong to manage the oversea sales including both silica sand and mineral flour businesses. With the sound legal / financial system and convenient network in Hong Kong, it serves as our financial, customer services and marketing center.

Hong Kong

In 2000, we established Fineton Industrial Minerals (Jiangyin) Limited, and built our second processing facility to process nepheline syenite, silica flour, feldspar, wollastonite, diatomite, etc. Our R&D center is also located here. Over the years, we have accumulated proficient knowledge and experience in milling and surface treatment, which enables us to become one of the only two filler grade nepheline syenite producers in the world.

Our factory is just 1.5-hour drive from Shanghai. The proximity to Shanghai Port, which is the largest container port in the world, allows us to deliver products cost-effectively and efficiently to our customers worldwide. In addition, there are also numerous bulk cargo and container terminals surrounding our factory.


In 2007, we expanded our operations to Vietnam and gradually adding more mineral products from different deposits into our product portfolio. Currently, we supply various grades of silica sand and calcium carbonate for different industries. Being one of the major sand suppliers in the Asia Pacific region, we have been supplying silica sand since Fineton Group of Companies was founded. We are well-known for supplying stable and good quality silica sand to the end-users in the region, and we are able to customize our products to meet the unique specifications of our customers.