Fineton was founded in 1994, and we focus in producing and marketing a wide range of industrial minerals in the glass, ceramics, paint and coating, plastic, construction, foundry, filtering and other applications. We operate our own processing plants and sales offices in various locations including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Canada and Vietnam.

At the beginning, we supplied silica sand from Dongshan, China to not only local users, but also to buyers in Japan and Korea for foundry and glass applications. Afterward, we established our second production facility in Jiangyin to produce silica flour. In 2001, we achieved an important milestone, which we began mining and processing nepheline syenite, a unique mineral which commercially exploitable deposits are only found at several locations in the world. FinEx® is our filler grade nepheline syenite and our flagship product, and we are one of the only two filler grade nepheline syenite producers in the world. In 2008, we expanded our operation to Vietnam, where has abundant and excellent silica resources. Currently, we have several operations in Ha Tinh and Quang Tri, and our silica sand is mainly exported to China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. In 2017, we started supplying high quality calcium carbonate in the Asia Pacific.