FINETON Industrial Minerals (Jiangyin) Limited

FINETON Industrial Minerals (Jiangyin) Limited is located in Zhouzhuang town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province. The main products are high quality foundry sand and construction sand. We have an advanced production line for drying and classifying our sand products. The annual production capacity is approximately 30,000 tons.

FINETON (Jiangyin) is equipped with his advanced testing equipment for foundry sand. With this online testing procedure, the quality of production is maintained in a stable and high level of standard. Fineton (Jiangyin) is a member of  the Chinese Foundry Association. With several years dedicated development, we have maintained a very good relationship with customers and experts in this field.

FINETON (Jiangyin) also has its own ground products flour production line. Annual capacity is approximately 50,000 tons. The high quality silica flour and nepheline syenite flour are mainly used in ceramics, fiberglass, paints, and the filler industry.


Dongshan Chencheng Silica Sand Factory

Dongshan Chencheng Silica Sand Factory is located at Dongshan Island, Fujian Province. The factory utilizes the abundant silica sand resources of Shanzhi Mine to produce high quality silica sand, which is widely used in glass, foundry and the construction industry. The annual capacity is approximately 350,000 tons.

The company has advanced testing equipments such as XRF analysis and international qualified grading equipment  to control the products quality according to ISO9001: 2000 standard. The products are widely used in glass, foundry and the construction industry in  China, Korea, and Japan. The company’s customers are appreciative of the products high quality standard.


Jiulong Mining (Anyang) Co. Limited 

Jiulong Mining (Anyang) Co. Limited is located in Shuiye town, Anyang, Henan Province. This company owns his nepheline syenite depsoit with   more than 100 million tones reserve (confirmed), 250 million tones (estimated). The main products are low iron nepheline syenite sand for the glass industry; and flour for ceramic industry. The total capacity is 100,000 tonnes per year with 15,000 tonnes per year of flour production.


Nanjing Mintech Industrial Minerals Research Limited

Nanjing Mintech Industrial Minerals Research Limited focuses on the research and exploitation of new products and new technology, incorporating engineering designs. Mintech has a research team composing of experts and scholars of high qualification. Based on this research team, Mintech actively develops ways to study the technology of dressing, purification and processing for a wide range of industrial minerals.

The technical support of Mintech is not only provide for  FINETON, but also for other correlative industries or companies.




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